Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super-secret projects

Apparently I suck at pressing "publish post". I pressed "save" instead of "publish" on that last post, so it's a few days late. Luckily, Blogger lets you arbitrarily set dates on your blog posts. :P

Over the past few weeks I've been working on my entry to the Microsoft DevVsDev competition. DevVsDev is a Windows Phone 7 application development contest run by Microsoft for Australian developers. Basically the gist of it is this: write an app for WP7. Submit it. Best app wins a trip to MIX11 in Las Vegas valued at $10k, and the next 5 runners up get free Windows Phone 7's. Entries close 28th February 2011, which is in just a couple of weeks. If you want to enter, you'd better act fast!

Today, I submitted my application to marketplace. Once it passes certification, I'll be entering it into DevVsDev. What is my app? Well, I'll reveal more once it hits marketplace. Is it good enough to win? Heck, I dunno. It's just something I've been working on in my free time, and I have no idea what my competition is. But seeing as the developer tools have been downloaded over 1 million times, I expect to see some pretty amazing apps in DevVsDev.

Regardless of whether I win anything or not, developing for WP7 is just plain fun. If you haven't already considered it, I would highly recommend submitting an entry and having a chance at one of 6 fabulous prizes!