Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SatView for Windows Phone 7 Released!

I'm happy to announce that SatView is now available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace!

This'll be my entry to the DevVsDev competition. SatView is a satellite tracker and orbit predictor that allows you to track one of 1300+ different satellites as they orbit the Earth. Here's the marketing spiel from my site:

SatView is a realtime satellite tracker and orbit predictor. Track satellite positions, determine visibility, and calculate coordinates of over 1300 different satellites.

Included with SatView are both 2D and 3D viewing modes, allowing you to view the orbital trajectories of satellies from space or projected onto a map. SatView can also use your phone's GPS system to determine visibility and to calculate satellite passes over your location. SatView is ideal for budding astronomers and amateurs alike.


  • 1300+ different trackable satellites
  • Orbit prediction with adjustable time controls
  • GPS and location services support
  • Determine all visible satellites from your current location
  • Calculate next visible passes of a chosen satellite over your location
  • Search function for finding satellites by name or catalog number
  • 2D and 3D orbit viewing modes
  • Topographic and geocentric coordinates
  • Automatic updates for latest satellite orbital data

I'll admit that this is a pretty niche app. But still, I think it's cool. :) And remember, if you don't already know, DevVsDev closes in just a few weeks, so you'd better submit fast!

only US$1.29

Download for Windows Phone 7
Zune client software required.

More information at