Monday, October 20, 2008

XKCD Everywhere

So today is final week for Year 12's at MHS. I have no idea when muck-up day actually is, so I've just referred to this entire week as "muck-up week".

Since I'm in Year 12 and this is our last year, a few friends and I thought we might leave a little bit of a parting gift for our comrades at school. Fans of XKCD that we were, what better way to spend our mischief than to spread the word of XKCD?

So we did. Over a weekend, I printed out 400 different XKCD comics. 5 times. 2000 odd sheets of paper bundled up and brought to school today in the wee hours of the morning.

Even though we started at about 6:30AM, we still had at least 500 comics left to tape up by the time the form assembly bell went at about 8:50AM. But by that time, a good portion of the 20's castle building was already plastered in XKCD. We put up the rest of them later in the day.

Total cost: about $100. $20 for paper, $45 for toner, the rest for a heck of a lot of expensive tape. We couldn't use regular tape on the walls because it would peel the paint off - so I had to buy magic tape for $5 a roll (stupid 3M has a monopoly on the adhesives market). It was a waste of money, some would say. I beg to differ. Bringing the word of XKCD to the masses is a very worthwhile use of money. Besides, I recently came into $3000 in cash... gotta use it for something!

I wonder how long these comics will stay up there (and who's going to clean this mess up?)

Preparation - the stacks of XKCD:

The front of the unsuspecting school at 6:20 AM:

Maths department:

Science department:

Dining hall:


On a completely unrelated note, I happened to have my camera handy while the teacher dunking was happening:


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But what's xkcd without the alttext! D: still, nice job though :D