Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art of Defence Download

Just like with NextWar, I've put up Art of Defence for free download. You can get it here:


bobo said...

hi, your link to art of defence is broken.
also, when i try to run nextwar i get this:
any idea what's wrong?

and lastly, what is sc4freak supposed to mean ?


Sc4Freak said...

Ah, thanks for telling me about the broken AOD link. I've fixed that.

About the NextWar problem, that error often happens if a file can't be found. Make sure you've extracted all the necessary files correctly and aren't trying to run it from within the .zip file without extracting it first.

Lastly, "Sc4Freak" doesn't mean anything, really. It's just an online handle that I chose a long time ago. There may have been some meaning behind it at one point (I guess that's why I chose it), but not any more.