Thursday, September 11, 2008

DMC4 HD Cutscenes For Download

So I was crazy (or stupid) enough to record, encode and host all the cutscenes from Devil May Cry 4 in HD resolution (1280x720).

I've put them up for download here:

When added all up, the cutscenes are 1:57:30 long, and approx. 5.2GB. They were recorded from the PC version of the game, with all settings on maximum except for shadows (as the super-high shadow setting is buggy). C8xAA was also turned on for all cutscenes.

I love this game so much. :D


Lucas said...

Sweet man, Thanks. Saves me from having to do the samething. This game is pretty much the best of the series. People would argue but oh well. By the way did you use fraps? Thanks Again, you saved me a lot of time and dedication. =)

Shane said...

Thanks man. Can't tell you how much I was looking for these. Would have paid money for a DVD of the cutscenes. but this HD footage is even better

I downloaded 65 out of the 90 files you had. sorry about the bandwidth though :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice, but I have a question/sorta request.

I looked through your videos, and you seem to have all of them except one, which unfortantly for me, is the one I'm really after.

If you leave the game sitting on the menu screen it pops up with a little video that shows you various things to happen in the game. Kinda like a trailer.

I've been after THAT video for a while now, and no one seems to have thought to actually rip the thing.

So any chance that one will show up in the videos anytime?

Shane said...

That is the HD game trailer. It is not rendered real time by graphics card. It is simply a HD wmv file you can find in the game folders (assuming you are playing the PC version)

Sc4Freak said...

That's the Capcom Gamer's Day 07 trailer. You can download it from various sites around the internet (eg. here:

dante said...

been lookin all around fer these man!!
i've got a request though:
coulja post the entrance vid that shows the screen bein boomed!!!
couldn't find it in hd anywhere!!!

Akiterra said...

....I love you for posting these cut-scenes. Now I have the coolest freaking screensaver around <(^.^)>