Saturday, March 28, 2009

NextWar: The Quest for Earth released for the Xbox 360!

I'm proud to announce that NextWar: The Quest for Earth is now available for download on Xbox Live Community Games!

It is available from the Xbox 360 dashboard in the regions of Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. Alternatively, you can visit the Xbox 360 marketplace website.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying the game, well worth the asking price.

I seem to be getting repeated crashed though, around once ever 3 plays ish.

Hitting the back button to trigger a new wave will occasionally result in a crash "Code 4". Bit annoying when you've almost completed a level and it goes.

Sc4Freak said...

That's quite a serious problem - it should never be crashing. I don't know how an issue could have possibly slipped passed testing and review.

Were you doing anything odd or out of the ordinary when it crashed? What model of Xbox 360 do you have? Are you using a memory card or the HDD as storage? What map/level did this occur on?

I'd like to get as much info as possible so I can replicate the issue and fix it.

Thanks for purchasing NextWar!

Anonymous said...


I have a 360 Elite with 120HD
I got it playing through on campaign mode, not tried skirmish yet.

The trigger for it to happen is spawning a new wave via the back button.

It only seems to occur after a while, like you can play a whole level and not get it - but play a level, then another and it will randomly occur on when triggering a wave. Almost like a very slow memory leak or something?

I've had around 4 or 5 times but don't get it anymore as I now intentionally drop to dashboard and reload before starting a level, I have not had it occur since.

I don't think it's related to an specific level, I had it around Tau Ceti, Hyperion, Vega, Arcturus but after that started with the dashboard thing.

Will M said...

Hi've just come here as I'm also getting the Code 4 crashes. Xbox Pemium 20gb hd, nomemory card. Console is one year old (wih light use - I have a day job!). Was playing the map where there are two sets of two tracks at the top f the screen, and the bad guys go dow, then right, then up, then left into the HQ. I also suspected a memory issue as I had been struglign with this map for a good few goes (half a dozen maybe) and was doing well by building a shit-load of Rail towers. Spawning a new wave with the back button killed it for me too.

Also, Im puzzled about the tech centre. I have completed three of he four maps in that segment, including the one that says you get the tech centre. However, I can't select the tech centre in my build menus for any of the maps I have played since unlocking it. m I doing smething wrong?

Aside from these issues (crashing, and tech centre confusion), this is the best game available on XBL Community games - thanks!

Sc4Freak said...

Hmm, I'll see what I can do to track down this issue. Thanks for reporting it!

PS. The Tech Centre needs a 3x3 space to build. So you need to pick a spot with sufficient space around to build it. There is one map where you cannot build the Tech Centre, though, due to lack of space (I think that's Arcturus).

If there are any other queries or problems found, please contact me either here or through adrian_tsai[at]


Sc4Freak said...

I think I've found the problem. If you press "Send next wave" when there is no next wave (ie. you're on the last wave of the mission), the game crashes with a Code 4.

Workaround: if you don't see an enemy in the preview box in the top-left, you're on the last wave. Don't press the "send next wave button" unless there's an enemy preview in the top-left.

I'll try to get a fix out for this, but it can take weeks for a game to pass through review (which is out of my control). In the meantime, use the workaround.

Will M said...

Awesome, thanks! Great find for that 'next wave' issue. And thanks for the info about the tech-centre - I maybe missed the text telling you about that, as I'm playing on a standard-def tv and the writing's pretty hard to read. Thanks for such a great game, I hope it's a massive success for you!

Nygel said...

Anon 1 : Good stuff. Any chance of adding a difficulty level in for skirmish with the patch. ;-)

Shx said...

I too enjoy the game thoroughly, the only thing I miss is a level editor.

shall I stop dreaming? :)

Anonymous said...

is it just me, or there is no hiscore list in the game?

TheHeretic said...

Nice job man. I was hoping to be the first to make a Tower Defense game for the Xbox. Looks good though check it out soon.

Anonymous said...

Great game! I've experienced this "code 4" issue as well, but it's not a big deal to me.

Congrats on it being the first Community game I've purchased! Keep up the good work!

com2kid said...

I hit the crash bug the first time I played as well. :)

Bought the game already, some feedback:

A. Needs a "Fast forward" feature.

B. Waaaay to easy.

C. More enemy differentiation is needed. Really I am so overpowered I don't care much about anything except the EMP immune baddies, and I just build a second wave of towers to take care of them.

D. Money is too easy to come across. I never feel like I really need to conserve my resources. Part of this is that tower upgrades are too cheap, but really once the interest rate is up there past 20%, ending with a million in the bank isn't that hard.

That said, it is apparent that you put a lot of work into the game and it comes off as very polished and professional. Indeed I would say it is one of the most professional looking Community Games released so far. Good job on making an excellent XBox 360 TD game. :)

Tim said...

I too got the "Code 4" as did my son ... always seemed to happen towards the end of level too, and I think it was when I hit the back button to send in more. I have an XBOX with HDMI (circa Nov. 2007) and 20GB HD which game saves to.

Congrats on a sharp-looking and fun game. I would definirely like to see an expansion with some more maps and techs. Also, a mini map showing the basic position of the enemey and movements would be a welcome addition to the build screen.

My biggest gripe is that the first 8-9 levels are exceedingly easy. (Even easier than I thought, as my 10-year-old son stormed through them by simply building mass sets of laser towers, realizing the improved towers were a waste of money and time he said.) Then level 10 comes, which as far as I can tell, is just about impossible to beat once the MEGAs enter.

Stewart said...

I'm enjoying the game thoroughly as well. I haven't hit the 'back' button 'code 4' yet but by the end of a level I'm generally too busy leveling up my tech mid-combat to hit back.

That leads to my comment, which is just my opinion, but I find myself mid-fight sitting on the level up screen rather than watching the action so I can continuously up the levels of all my tech while the money's coming in. I would like it if there were a way to do this without losing sight of the action. It's not horrible or anything, it just takes away from the game a bit. Makes me think of what Peter Molyneux said regarding the Fable 2 glowing trail. They put in a glowing trail and removed the onscreen map so people would actually *look* at the game. This is similar, I'd like to always be able to 'look at the game' and still be able to do upgrades, et. al.

Just my $0.02 -- thanks for the awesome community game. I kicked in my XBox pts for it already..

I guess as a 2nd suggestion, what about porting it over to the Zune? Similar code would run on it (taking into account screen size, 500Mhz processor and controls) and the control is very conducive to this style of game.

I guess that makes $0.04. Thanks Adrian!