Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melbourne Uni

The UniWireless wireless network sucks. Everything must go through a proxy. Can't SSH, can't telnet, can't rdesktop, can't access my Perforce server at home.

At least HTTP works just fine.


com2kid said...

Wow that sucks, my University (Western Wa) allowed for pretty much everything. Considering our prof gave us instructions on setting up SSH from our personal *nix boxes to lab boxes, and our CS department did the same as well. Having my files on a mounted via SCP was awesome.

Western didn't block anything really, they just performed "heavy traffic shaping", so unless it was 1am, bit torrent transfers (except for WoW updates of course) ran dirt slow.

I think there would have been a bloody rebellion if they had tried to block WoW. :)