Friday, April 18, 2008

NextWar: The Quest for Earth

"NextWar" is such a nice generic name, isn't it?

Well, it's pretty much official now. I've joined the SwinGame game competition.


SwinGame is an API written by the staff and students of Swinburne University, based here in Melbourne, Australia. Swinburne is also backing the SwinGame 08 Competition - where Australian Year 11 and Year 12 students can participate in a competition to create the best overall game using the SwinGame API.

The grand prize is $3000 for the author of the game. Second prize is $2000 and third prize is $1000.

Since I happen to be an Australian student currently studying in Year 12, I'm entering this contest. Hopefully, come August this year, I'll be walking away with $3000.


NextWar is what I decided to name my game. It came to me while sitting on the train, which is where I also formulated the basic game mechanics and plot structure. NextWar's full name is "NextWar: The Quest for Earth". It's going to be a 2D RTS game, written in C# and using the SwinGame API.

For more information, I'll be posting progress reports here, as well as here to this blog.

So far, I've got the basic framework for the game done; gamestate management and GUI are all complete, as well as the asset loading system and basic renderer.

Also, I've been doing some design for the actual game itself. I've been writing some documents for my own personal use regarding the design of the game. I decided to post them here; they're not very interesting and not particularly well done, but they function as an effective brain-dump for ideas. And it couldn't hurt to post them online. I never intended for them to be seen by anyone other than me, so sorry if they don't make much sense.

So, without further ado, the first in a series of documents I'll be posting:

NextWar: The Quest for Earth
Design - Basic Overview & Gameplay