Friday, August 27, 2010

NextWar for WP7 at TechEd

If you were at TechEd Australia 2010, you might have seen NextWar at the keynote on Tuesday. Mad props to Dave Glover for doing that - getting it out there in front of 3000 pairs of eyes was certainly some nice free publicity. ;)

At istartedsomething, Long Zheng (coincidentally also an MHS old boy) has a photostream that includes a couple of photos of NextWar running on prototype hardware.

Dave lent me his TabletPC and his prototype WP7 device so I could test on it before the demo at TechEd. It was only prototype hardware and not representative of the final product, but it ran amazingly well. Prototype or not, it looks amazingly good running on an actual device!

There'll be some more updates coming soon, so stay tuned!