Thursday, July 30, 2009

NextWar now available in more regions; cheaper

With the new updates to XNA and Xbox Live Community Indie Games, games are now available for sale in Germany, Japan, Singapore and Sweden. I've updated NextWar so that it can now be sold in these regions. So if you live in these regions, and are itching to play Tower Defence on your Xbox 360, check out NextWar!

Also, with the introduction of the new pricepoints (80MSP, 240MSP and 400MSP, corresponding to $1, $3, and $5 respectively), I've decided to drop the price of NextWar to 80MSP. So if you were holding off buying NextWar or didn't think it was worth 200MSP, you might want to reconsider! NextWar is now in the Xbox Live version of the $1 bargain bin. :)

NextWar: The Quest for Earth official site

Xbox Live Marketplace link